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The Value-Added Discount

The Value-Added Discount
Your Goal: To incentivize booking by packaging desirable services and/or products together.

Your Offer: Instead of reducing your rate, attach a service or product bonus to your regularly-priced photography options.

Why It Works:
If a client loves your work, but they’re wavering a bit on price, you may not want (or be able) to reduce your rate. But including a simple product or service can add tremendous value to your clients – and transition them from uncertain to signed!

Create A Value-Added Discount People Won’t Want To Miss!

Consider the simple, small incentives that motivate us to spend money every day:

Get a free beauty bag when you make a minimum purchase at the makeup counter!
Score free cocktails when you upgrade your airline seat!
Receive 10 punches on your coffee card and earn a free latte!

None of these incentives represent a high cost to the business owner, but they’re hugely motivating to us, the consumers!

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