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Creative Product Photography

Creative Product Photography

Cutout Photography

The majority of our work is product photography on a white background. It shows off the product with no other distractions.

You have the finest watches available for resale. After having worked on them, you now wish to market them to retailers or even individual customers. With a niche market of leather - belted watches, you decide to photograph them and display them through brochures or a website. You open your brochure and see dark, brown, shiny leathered watch with a brawny dial, holding three golden needles in it. But the watch is surrounded by a black or a colored background which makes the intricacies of the watch unclear and undesirable.

We now come into the picture for you. We let your watch design go thorough the process of cut out photography, demonstrating the intimate details of the fine dial through its top view angle along with the soft display of elegant holes made in the leather belt; all this now suited with a rich white background. Your watch now details every exquisite detail in it, making it profoundly saleable.

So what is the difference? All this was done and accomplished with the cut out method used in photography. This is one of our best ways to showcase our photography skills. It is our most popular photography service. With the best knowledge of the perfect angle for your product and its related aspects of lighting, reflections, cleaning, and pixels, we can provide you with unique visuals of your product.

Briefly described, image cut out is a method by which a product or an inanimate object is cut out from the rest of the photograph and is given a complete novel look which brings to it a different dimension altogether. Several times, the photographer or any individual are not equipped with high end cameras. They also lack the knowledge of effectively displaying the finest ingredient of the product. Thus, the pictures that they capture often do not reflect the explicit details that you had in mind. Human eye focuses on the color and the designing features of any product, however cameras are equipped to go beyond that and capture additional factors. These could include unnecessary shadows and reflections or even erroneous colors like beige or a cream getting captured instead of a white; however, with image editing software, graphic programs and pen tools, our proficient craftsmen can bring your product details from unseen to the seen. With the proficiency of a professional, this can not only be corrected but can also be shown precisely in the way you had anticipated.

Thus, when it comes to cut out photography, be it the softness of your bread or the color of your diamond ring; the tools that finely played their part on sandals to the superior stitches of your suit, our team can skillfully take care of it, giving you an added advantage whether through paper or online.

Product Photography

Sometimes it's nice to put your own stamp on your product photography rather than having white backgrounds like most other online shops. Our creative product photography services give you that and it can also help in stopping other people taking your images.

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. We perceive and take up our every project based on this principle. Everything in itself has contained in it some beauty. We capture that. This is what we identify as creative product photography. A photograph is a medium which can express a thousand unexplained words. It can display the hidden emotions. A photograph can convince the buyers. A photograph can talk you through a story. It has a potential of just not appealing your vision but can even compel you to take a step forward and make the correct decisions.

Well, this is what we think of photographs. Our creative side to the product photographs has always given us this feedback with several new achievements in line. We mix passion with creativity and that is what gives our product photographs the edge that it needs.

We always look forward to give you that something ‘more’ needed to make your product more individual and personal to you. We love to get creative with what you have in store for your product. A product that is well experimented with creativity and which goes through the tests at our studio has definitely a captivating look to it. With small companies that deal in niche market, we have the floodgates open for you! A remarkable collection of backgrounds and tools will change the face of your product, making it look novel and desirable. Niche market products are creatively handled by our experts and in a short span of time you will find a unique collection of samples at your doorstep. For e.g. our artistic project with a company that dealt in architectural services, had their business cards with high end photograph of the iron beams that hold the structure of any building. It not just gave a diverse look, but also illustrated their capability in building strong structures.

Our designs will help you stand out from the crowd. You will be able to market your products differently in a unique way. When the designing is unique, so will be the response you receive. Innovative designs will always compel the crowd to stop and have a look at what you have created.

Our product photographs are different from common which further help you to reduce the risk of people stealing your product photography. The details that we do for your product resemble simply the finesse of your product and make your presence felt with it.

We deal creatively with all aspects of photography from still photos, nightlife, and astral photography to micro and macro photographic views. Placement of the object to define the vastness of barren sand dunes to color of the horizon with the water in the background, are all creative as well as uncommon techniques used in enhancing the significance of a photograph.

Thus, if creativity is on your mind, coupled with best services and complete details, step into our studio for further surprises. With unique samples and comfortable seats for you to be seated in, you will be pleased to have given your time.

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